Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012.02.14 Yan's Birthday Party!

A surprise party for the birthday of our beloved Soke Yan sama!!
Happy birthday all Iga loves you!!

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New Iga Swordsmanship School sim

Some pictures thaken from a new fantastic sim that all the clan and visitors can enjoy. This sim does not replace our official dojo and main meeting point, which still is in Azuchi, but is a place that can be used for our activities, training, or just relax.
A big thanks to Zatoxx san for his wonderful job!! =)

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sessou Vs Iga

4 February 2012, images taken from the Capture the Flag event between Iga Ninja and Sessou Samurai. Teams were composed by 3 low-mid experienced fighters and 2 advanced fighters per clan. The victory gone to Sessou Samurais, both teams have fought with honor and respect, and was a great fight. Thanks to Sessou who hosted and organized this fun event and thanks to all fighters.

After the event a party started and OMG something weird happened... gosh I cannot watch the video!! loool

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Assassination? Talk to a ninja...

Coming back home something weird capture your attention.
A ninja star stuck on your door, and a scary message behind it

A misterious warrior asked for you to be assassinated...

Now Iga ninja clan kindly offer an assassination service extended to the whole C:SI community in Second Life.

You want to see some one death, engage a ninja and we will do the dirty job for you!! Clean and fast job, and off coure discrete, since yor identity will be kept secret.
Another samurai is wearing your same hair? Too bad!! He goes around with dirty socks or with no shoes at all? OMG requires a bad punishment!! He eaten all food and not shared with you? Engage a ninja and we will put end to that shame!

Visit our dojo in Azuchi to get more informations:
click here to visit Iga Ninja dojo at Azuchi in Second Life

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sessou vs Iga coming soon...

Saturday, February 4, 12am SL time, at Echo City, there will be a Capture The Flag event, between Iga Ninja and Sessou Samurai. The competition is opened to all members with low-medium fight experience. Contact me or Glucosamine Bailey for more informations.

Iga Ninja Jonin
Ryoma Oanomochi

Saturday, January 7, 2012

IGA KO Tourney results and pictures

The first Iga K.O. Tournament concluded, thanks to all helped with the organization, to the sponsors to the fighters who all had a good fight and to all people who came to assist the event. I hope all had fun and enjoyed this event. Following here I post some pictures taken during the tourney.

tourney board

Winners of the IGA K.O. Tournament are:

1st Shin Rae
2nd Glucosamine Bailey
3rd Dante Firehelm

Tourney winners. In the picture starting from left to right, Dante - Shin - Glucosamine

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Iga Ninja K.O. Tournament - 2012.01.07

2012.01.07 Iga Ninja K.O. tourney is opened to all C:SI fighters and it will be held at our dojo in Azuchi and is free to partecipate. Contact directly in Secoond Life our sensei and organizer of the tourney Nicilauda Dinzeo for inscriptions and more info. Also visitors who will like to assist to the fight will be welcome of course.